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Horse Run-ins

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Horse Barn & Horse Run-In
Provider in Mercer County

The Furniture Mill offers a wide variety of quality pre-built shed-rows, horse barns, run-in sheds, storage sheds, modular & monitor barns and modular garages – all proudly built in the USA by detail oriented Amish craftsmen. Our structures are beautifully designed to accent your property while providing shelter and security for your animals, tools, supplies and much more. Competitive pricing and Amish craftsmanship paired with customer service support from beginning to end allows us to be the most competitive horse barn and horse run-in provider to Mercer County and the New Jersey area.

As a dedicated horse owner, one of your main concerns is providing a place where your horses can find shade and shelter from rain, wind and snow. All our Amish-made run-in sheds and barns are constructed with quality, time-tested materials that stand up to the effects of Mother Nature and all the abuse a horse can dish out.

Horse Run-In Sheds

Ideal for pastured horses, llamas, alpacas, goats and cows. Our run-in sheds provide on-demand protection from wind and inclement weather, while allowing your animals the freedom to roam. Built from high-quality rough-oak framing using post & beam construction, our run-in sheds are built to stand the test of time!

We offer wooden run-in sheds that are low-cost, yet safe and secure. Our horse shelters are an attractive way to provide year-round shelter for your horses, ponies or other livestock.

Lean-To Option

Adding a lean-to to your run in shed or run-in combo is a great way to provide shade and extra comfort for your horses. Our lean-to also offers great coverage for feeding, tack or equipment storage.

Our run-in sheds can also be partitioned for use with animals in different pastures. Customize by adding a tack room or stalls for added storage or convenience.

Horse Run-In / Shed Row Combos

Whether you’re looking for an economical, always-available shelter for your horses or livestock or wish to combine the protective features of a run-in shed with the added storage capabilities of our shed row barns, The Furniture Mill has you covered!

Our horse shelters are available in many different sizes and can have partitions, stalls or tack/ outdoor storage rooms added. These options give you the flexibility to build for the future. You never know when you may need a stall to isolate a horse or a dry and secure storage area to keep feed, tools or tack at a remote pasture location.

Two Story Horse Barns

Take your horse barn to the next level with a two story horse shed with a lean-to. This building features a full second floor for horse feed and hay storage. The doors in the second floor gable provide an easy way to bring the hay into the barn. Optional Dutch doors on this horse barn ensure that your horses get plenty of fresh air all year long and the roll doors allow for an easy way to create a breeze in your custom built equine shelter.

Top Ten Tips for Designing Your Horse Run-In or Combo Structure (plus three more):

Horses and ponies need shelter that is clean, dry, and protected from the weather. This can be in the form of a run-in shed, or a stable. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods of housing. If you’ve weighed the pros and cons and decided to build a run-in shed, here are some recommendations for design.

• Place your shed in an area that will not flood.

• Place the back wall to the prevailing wind.

• Position the shelter so it is well away from gates or fences. This means cleaning is easier and there is plenty of room for horses to get in and out.

• Design it large enough that all of your horses can stand and lie comfortably in it, and bossy horses will not be able to completely ban the underdogs from entering the shelter. A recommended size is about 100 sq. ft. per average sized riding horse — about the same size as a box stall. However, if you can provide a larger space, do so. Bossy horses may make it difficult for others to stay in the shelter if there is limited space.

• Consider making it portable so it can be dragged to different locations. It is relatively simple to have your structure fit with wheels for ease of relocation. This helps with hygiene, and the shelter can be moved if flooding does become a problem.

• Consider making the entrance large enough for a tractor bucket to get through for easy clean-up; you’ll be glad you did.

• Be sure the ceiling is high enough that a horse will not be able to hit its head, even if snow drifts in at the entrance.

• If the structure is permanent, you may decide to put concrete, brick or paving stone flooring down. This makes cleaning easier. Earth flooring is easier on the horse’s legs and may be warmer. However, it is more difficult to clean. We’ve found we need to replace the earth in our run-in over the years. We clean daily and in doing so; we take a bit of soil with the manure each time. This results in the ground level lowering over time. It needs to be built up every few years to prevent it from turning into a puddle during spring thaws or heavy rains.

• Some structures can be noisy in the wind. Construct your shelter securely. A noisy tarp roof or loose metal siding might discourage horses from using it.

• We’ve found from experience that 6″X6″ uprights withstand bumping from horses better than 4″X4″ lumber. Check the building code in your area for specific requirements and whether or not your structure requires a building permit.

• If your design doesn’t already include it, consider putting eaves-trough over the entrance. This way, icy patches will not be formed at the entrance from water dripping off the roof and you, and the horse won’t be surprised by cold trickles of water as you go in and out.

• We’ve found that sooner or later, we use our run-in for grooming and hoof trimming. If possible, a GFCI outlet and safe lighting is handy to have.

• Be sure when your construction is complete that there are no nails or screws, edges of metal siding, protruding lumber or other obstacles that a horse could injure itself on.


If you have any questions about purchasing a Custom Horse Barn/Horse Run-In Shed please do not hesitate to call and Contact Us for immediate assistance.