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Furniture Refinishing


We are Mercer County’s Furniture
Refinishing And Repair Experts


Refinishing Brings Out The Hidden Masterpieces You Forgot You Had!

Functioning as Mercer County’s furniture refinishing and repair experts, we encourage you to dust off your old dresser, table, bookshelf, or what ever you have stowed away for a complete renovation. Visit the Furniture Mill today and experience a furniture restoration process that is second to none. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff has the experience your looking for backed by thousands of satisfied customers throughout Mercer County.

Our Furniture Refinishing Approach: You Get to Choose!

At Furniture Mill, our furniture refinishing process is separated into several distinct services so that you, the consumer, can choose the specific processes you want done (one, several or all). This approach allows hobbyists and “do-it yourselfers” to share in the restoration process if they like, or choose to have us do all the work.


We’ve separated our refinishing process into the following distinct steps:

Stripping: The Furniture Mill uses a special flow over system, which means that your piece is never submerged in harsh chemicals, causing loosening of glue joints, raising of the grain or bleaching of the wood.

Repair: repairing broken furniture, replacing missing or broken pieces and even making a new piece to match any missing or unsalvageable pieces.

Re-glue: We separate the old pieces so we can scrape out all the old glue and any debris, and then prepare these surfaces for new glue. We use top-of-the-line furniture grade wood glue in all joints and clamp for at least 24 hours to ensure a lasting repair.

Sanding: We sand all pieces, starting with 100 grain sandpaper and progressing to 180 grain sandpaper in order to get the smoothest surface possible and ensure the surface is ready to accept stain or paint.

Staining: We offer many different colors of stain, and offer to blend custom stain color to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Finishing : After we professionally stain your piece, we apply a protecting coat of lacquer or catalyzed lacquer available in three different finishes – dull, satin or gloss. We apply 3-6 coats, sanding between each coat to give you a high quality finish.


If you are interested or have any questions regarding our furniture renovation and repair services then do not hesitate to call (609-771-6840) or fill out our Contact Form for immediate assistance.