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Creative Ways to Decorate a Gazebo for Christmas


Creative Gazebo Christmas Decorations

A gazebo is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. It is an extension of the home, and it provides shelter from the elements four seasons of the year. Decorate this outdoor space for Christmas as you would decorate a porch or a three-season room. It will have a festive eye-catching new look for the holidays. Try these creative ways to decorate a gazebo for Christmas, and have fun decorating your outdoor sitting area. It can look absolutely beautiful, especially when lightly dusted with sparkling new-fallen snow.

Place a Beautiful Lighted Christmas Tree in the Center of the Gazebo

When seeking creative ways to decorate a gazebo for Christmas, consider placing a lighted faux tree in the center. Add indoor/outdoor lights and weatherproof ornaments. It will look stunning, even from a distance. The gazebo will highlight the tree beautifully while providing a little cover from wind and weather. This is a wonderful way to decorate an otherwise empty gazebo, and it is a great place to sit around a Christmas tree with cups of hot chocolate.

Hang a Weatherproof Christmas Wreath on Each Side of the Gazebo

A gazebo can have more than four sides. No matter how many sides your outdoor haven has, decorate each side with a weatherproof wreath in celebration of Christmas. If nothing else, decorate ordinary pine wreaths with small pinecones and bright red weatherproof ribbon. Battery-operated strings of lights would also look lovely on outdoor wreaths, and the batteries will last far longer than anticipated. Decorate the gazebo for Christmas with solar-powered lights. This is a great way to save batteries and valuable energy.

Light the Gazebo with Icicle Lights Around the Outer Top Edge

Decorate the gazebo with hanging icicle lights for a beautiful eye-catching Christmas display. Consider blue and white lights. The gazebo is the ideal place to decorate with icicle lights since they will be easy to put up and take down. They will look far better than ordinary indoor/outdoor rope lights or strings of Christmas lights on a home.

Wrap the Gazebo Like a Huge Present

Would you like to decorate your gazebo in a unique and appealing new way? Forget about lights and traditional Christmas trees. Use over-sized weatherproof Christmas ribbon to wrap the gazebo like a huge gift. Attach ribbon across two opposite sides, and decorate the door or one side with a huge beautifully arranged double ribbon. Use a heavy-duty staple gun to attach the ribbon. It will stay in place, and the staples will be easy to remove with the hook end of a small hammer once Christmas is over.
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